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Travidux Technologies offer a wide range of IT software consulting services

Web Application

Travidux is masters in creating top notch websites and web solutions. Be it small or big if your business needs a website Travidux develop your ideal website using the latest cutting edge technologies without compromise on quality.

Mobile Application

Travidux Technologies support development on all operating systems and provide technology driven advice and solution for enhancement and development of your business where you can feel like you are making a difference and you are empowered to take decisions.


As markets become more competitive, it is significant for your technology to give you the right advantage. Travidux enables this by aligning new age technologies with your current business strategy. We have deep technical experts in all the popular technology stacks.


Customers are online today and most of their decisions are structured through their digital experience. Travidux provides digital marketing through SEO based website blogs, IVR, SMS, social networking websites etc which helps you to engage with customers, personalize experiences and build a strong market advantage.


Travidux Technologies provides hosting service on demand. Our high bandwidth internet provides uninterrupted channel for users to access our client’s applications. We have multiple high-performance servers functioning under secure environment.


What drives business today is technology and we will be your technology arm. Travidux Technologies offer a vast range of IT software consulting services and provide technology driven advice and solution for your business, which will take you to the front line of changing and shaping the market.